About us

The founders of OneWay Chiropractic, Drs Jeremy and Jeanne Dive, graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic (the ‘Fountain Head of Chiropractic’), USA, in 1976.

After running a high volume practice in South Australia until 1981, Doctors Dive set up practice on the fabulous Gold Coast in 1982.

Dr Jeremy Dive is a practising chiropractor at OneWay Chiropractic, whilst Dr Jeanne Dive uses her chiropractic expertise as a Bioresonance practitioner and to assist with the management of the clinics.

OneWay Chiropractic expanded in 2005 with a clinic in Labrador and in 2006 with the Janicki clinic in Kallangur.

Our values

The team at OneWay Chiropractic uphold the following values in everything we do:

  • To make the world a better place.
  • To give everybody the same opportunity to experience chiropractic,
    because chiropractic works, it gets results and that’s what counts.
  • To uphold our ideals and values with passion and without compromise.
  • To be the best chiropractor/CA/team player, through team effort.
  • To give every patient sixty seconds out of every minute.
  • To only find the good in every patient/person, to speak well of every person
    and to find only the positive in every situation.