Meet the team

About us

The founders of OneWay Chiropractic, Drs Jeremy and Jeanne Dive, graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic (the ‘Fountain Head of Chiropractic’), USA, in 1976.

After running a high volume practice in South Australia until 1981, Dr’s Dive set up practice on the fabulous Gold Coast in 1982.

Dr Jeremy Dive is a practising chiropractor at OneWay Chiropractic, whilst Dr Jeanne Dive uses her chiropractic expertise as a Bioresonance practitioner and to assist with the management of the clinics.

OneWay Chiropractic expanded in 2005 with a clinic in Labrador and in 2006 with the Janicki clinic in Kallangur.

The team

Our Chiropractors

Dr Jeremy Dive BSc DC (USA)

Dr Jeanne Dive DC (USA) - Bioresonance Practitioner

Dr Angus Ahn BChiroSc (Macq) MChiro (Macq) BHlthSc TCM (UTS)

Our support staff

Mermaid Beach Clinic
Stephanie and Cuti

Labrador Clinic
Stephanie, Robyn and Cuti

Bronwyn and Tanya

Our values

The team at OneWay Chiropractic uphold the following values in everything we do:

  • To make the world a better place.
  • To give everybody the same opportunity to experience chiropractic, because chiropractic works - it gets results and that’s what counts.
  • To uphold our ideals and values with passion and without compromise.
  • To be the best chiropractor/CA/team player, through team effort.
  • To give every patient sixty seconds out of every minute.
  • To only find the good in every patient/person, to speak well of every person and to find only the positive in every situation.
  • Through our passion for chiropractic, our spirit of excellence, our professionalism and our wonderful results, we are held in high esteem in the community, such that, when anyone thinks chiropractic they think of OneWay Chiropractic.
  • To be fulfilled emotionally and financially.