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Bioresonance Therapy – Professional Chiropractors – OneWay Chiropractic
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Bioresonance Therapy - BICOM®

What is a BICOM® device & what does it do?

Bioresonance Therapy Machine

The BICOM® (BI-ological COM-puter) is a sophisticated Bio-resonance (vibration therapy) treatment device incorporating over 400 preset therapeutic programs.

Electromagnetic information is taken from the body through any of a number of electrodes, modified and fed back through a magnetic modulation mat.

The BICOM® has a built-in Electrode Dermal Screening (EDS) device and also be used to modify the preset treatment programs. An input cup and remedy honeycomb allow the incorporation of patients’ tissues and remedies (flower, homoeopathic, herbal etc) into the treatment signal. There is also a chip imprinting device allowing the treatment frequencies to be recorded on a chip and worn by the patient.



This electronic system provides visual and auditory signals. corresponding to the patient’s physiological status. It detects changes in physiological functions that are outside of normal awareness, amplifies these signals and provides this as feedback to the patient with the intention of promoting the healing process.

Some examples of use of the areas Bioresonance therapy may be able to help with are:

Food Intolerances

Muscle Relaxation

Pain Reduction

Stress Reduction


This clinic uses the most up to date machine, the BICOM Optima.


How it works

The principle behind this treatment process is one of detecting and altering the frequency information with which cells communicate with each other. In health this form of communication is harmonious. With ill-health this cellular communication is impeded by additional dis-harmonious frequency patterns.

BICOM® device

The BICOM® detects and transforms these frequency patterns into therapeutic magnetic waves. The therapeutic patterns are combinations of healthy (harmonious) frequencies, pathogenic (dis-harmonious) frequencies and mirror image (inverted) frequencies. The magnitude of these waves can be altered and they can be applied in continual form or as a series of pulses.


Contact us to discuss if this is a suitable therapy option for you.